About me


I was born and raised in Northern California. We grew up in abject poverty, and from a very early age I learned to tell myself stories. My imagination was often my best friend, and the best tool I had to build myself up. With the help of family, I was lifted up from my situation.


I found acting in middle school and quickly latched on. I appeared in numerous productions in a short span of time, and by the time high school ended, my heart was set on continuing my education at an acting conservatory.


I attended college at Roosevelt University, in the Chicago College of Performing Arts. My time there was invaluable, and it was there that I honed my craft and brought realization to my dreams. In my time in Chicago, I ran Brikenbrak Theatre Project for six years. We produced exciting, intelligent, and sometimes experimental works. 


I currently live in Vancouver, Washington and make my living as a voice actor.